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Temporal Images is a company offering services in various areas of
technical computing, Computer Aided Design, mathematical modelling,
simulation, 3D computer graphics, rendering and animation.

We are located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Recent Information

We have developed a near real-time Road Condition Monitoring system for use in maintaining
mine roads. This system is in operation at live mine sites around the World. We are now working
to make the system more generic in its operation so we can monitor a wide variety of
vehicle parameters. 

We developed an an automated steering system and we are now working to make the
system semi-autonomous. This will allow the system to steer a vehicle along a
predefined course without any driver inter-action.

The client for this project is DVExpert International, who are using the system to
test the operation of Automatic Stability Control systems fitted to cars.


Aerodynamics Report
Drag Estimate of a Roof Mounted Antenna
(Ford AU Falcon)

Aircraft Performance Assessments available for download as PDF files

Saab JA-37 Viggen Aircraft Performance Assessment
Cessna 172 Aircraft Performance Assessment

Please select the images below to visit our other web sites, Virtual V8 and SteelWeb, or view some of our current work involving 3D modelling, vehicle performance analysis and the animation of vehicle motion paths.

Steelweb Steel Information
Virtual V8 Web Site
Tangara Train Model V8 Falcon 3D Model Clubman Car Chassis 3D Character
Fan Duct Train Models Automated Helicopter Trim Component

More details on both our current projects and recent work can be found by browsing the links at the left of this page.

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