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Temporal Images offers a number of Engineering and Computer related services.

These include technical computer programming, 3D modelling, rendering and animation of both forensic and technical subjects.

The following is a brief summary.
3D Modelling

We produce 3D computer models for a variety of applications. These include engineering models for visualisation, architectural models for client walkthroughs and client approval, and other general 3D modelling tasks for video production.

We can produce rendered images of client 3D models or our own, at a level of quality suitable for any particular application. This can range from low cost monochrome images output on Laser printers to photographic quality hardcopy for presentation.

We are able to offer engineering support in the areas of aerodynamics and vehicle performance prediction and assessment for both aeronautical and automotive applications. Please see the associated pages for more information on these specific areas.

Client 3D models, or our own, can be animated and output to videotape or supplied in multimedia digital formats. Full motion animation at VHS quality can be produced in-house.

We are able to provide software development services in a variety of languages, including C, BASIC, FORTRAN and LISP. We offer considerable experience in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD software development. We have also recently been engaged in writing driver software for CNC Machine Tools.

Some of this work is covered more fully in other areas on this site.

If you are interested in any of these areas, please contact us.

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