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On this page are various items available for download.

2D Aircraft Simulation (AutoLISP format - 2 kb)

This is a simple 2D simulation in AutoLISP format. It displays the dynamic response of a Macchi Jet Trainer due to a step input of thrust or flight path angle. This simulation will require either AutoCAD or IntelliCAD in order to be able to be run. It uses these programs to generate a graphical output, and is written in the AutoLISP macro language. This is the function described in our MultiCAD article (October 2000 issue) introducing computer simulation.

IS28 Glider model (DXF format - 39 kb)

This 3D model is representative of an IS-28 B2 sailplane. The model was created for testing with a Computational Fluid Dynamics program. It has been constructed with a view to being representative of the actual aircraft while having a minimal number of faces. The entire model comprises less than 2500 facets.

3DP0 (10 Kb)

This is an Autolisp function (for use with AutoCAD Release 12 or later) to reconstruct a 3D point from two 2D points defined on separate 2D drawing views. It is intended as a tool for quickly creating 3D points when a 2D plan and elevation drawing is available. It is particularly useful for constructing complex 3D curves.

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