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These are some examples of recent 3D modelling work we've completed for a number of clients.

All these examples were created using AutoNURBS and AutoCAD Release 12 Software

Surveillance Helicopter This is a 3D model of an automated surveillance helicopter. The model was created to illustrate a design proposal for a flexible camera platform.
Ducted Fan This is a surface model of a ducted propulsion fan. The model is a preliminary design which was used for obtaining a quotation for mould tooling. The fan duct was subsequently fabricated and used in the propulsion system of a small freight hovercraft.
Character This is a character produced for eventual animation in 3D STUDIO. The geometry was produced completely using AutoNURBS within AutoCAD. This character is based on an original design created by Georgie Martin.
LWIG This is a preliminary design for a ground effect vehicle. All geometry was produced using AutoNURBS. Particular attention is drawn to the neatly blended surfaces at the wing tips.
Trim Component This is an item of automotive trim, surfaced using AutoNURBS from client-supplied 3D wireframe geometry.
WIG This is a 3D model of an existing ground effect vehicle. All parts of the model were created in AutoCAD Release 12 using AutoNURBS 2.5 surfacing software.
Disposal Bin This is a model of a bin intended for disposal of fruit. This was an original design prepared as part of a proposal being put together by an Advertising Agency.

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