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MOTA (Motorcycle Operator Training Assessor) is a new training/testing system developed for motorcycle training.

This is a joint development project carried out by Temporal Images and DVExperts International. The development of this system has been under way since 2005.

A pre-production version of the system was recently presented at the FIM ERTS 2007 Symposium held in Frankfurt from the 29th of May to the 1st June 2007.


MOTA is a development of the current testing procedure used in Victoria. It implements a similar approach to rider competence by checking a rider's ability to execute braking, swerve and cornering manoeuvres.
MOTA employs a self-contained sensor package mounted on the motorcycle, a light control box and a Tablet PC running custom application software to substantially automate the testing procedure.

In operation, an automated and randomly selected sequence of 7 test manoeuvres must be executed by the trainee. Each manoeuvre is processed and assigned a pass or fail.

Processing of the tests is performed without any operator input in order that the results are unbiased. A summary document is generated outlining the results for all the tests performed.

For general enquiries about MOTA please contact

Rob Smith (DVExperts International)

For technical enquiries about
MOTA please contact

John McIver (Temporal Images)

To view a video describing
MOTA please use the following link

MOTA Video


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