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Below is some brief information on a few vehicle dynamics applications we are currently developing.

Falcon AU V8 Computer Model

3D Modelling

Construction and rendering of a 3D model of a Ford Falcon AU V8.

Images of the model during construction can be viewed by following the link at left.

Motec Viewer

We are currently developing a real-time viewer to display Motec Data Logger information in the form of a 3D car model moving on the computer screen.

Force arrows indicate the accelerations acting on the vehicle at any time. Engine speed is indicated by sound and the front wheels show actual driver steering inputs.

This will enable the viewer to calculate the velocity and intended change of direction. This model will come in useful for a variety of 3D 
processes, from the demonstration of the engine itself to constructing a 3D demonstration of safety for
Aviva ( The force arrows and engine speed sounds will help construction of a realistic car journey or movement around a track.

More Screen Images

Accident Motion Path Analysis

The link below will take you to a page describing our ANALYSE motion path analysis software.

ANALYSE Vehicle Motion Path Analysis

See More Screen Images

Real Time Viewers

We currently have 3D car viewer programs for displaying motion paths in real time. These can display motions for one car alone, or two cars at once.

Being real-time applications these programs require a fast computer and an OpenGL compatible graphics card.

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