B.Eng.(Aero), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1978


He has twenty four years experience in the fields of computing and engineering, including considerable practical experience in the areas of Computer Aided Design and Engineering (CAD/CAE).

He started a company in 1986 to offer a consultancy service in the fields of Computer Aided Design and Engineering for both mainframe and microcomputer systems. Since 1991, work has expanded into the fields of 3 dimensional computer modelling, servo system programming, photorealistic rendering and computer animation.

In 1985, as a Systems Analyst with FLUOR Australia, he provided technical support for their large AutoCAD-based microcomputer CAD system.

As a CAD/CAM Analyst with the Ford Motor Company, he provided technical support for a large PRIME-based CAD network. In his time with Ford the network doubled in size. He was responsible for the software installation of new computers and system plotting support.

Prior to this he spent five years with the Department of Defence, Aeronautical Research Laboratories, in the areas of computer simulation and mathematical modelling of various aspects of aircraft performance. He was also involved, at various times, in the areas of aircraft flight trials, data reduction and analysis, and in the management of a minicomputer-based high performance graphics system.


Trading as TEMPORAL IMAGES    (1990-PRESENT)


Currently Director of a company offering a consultancy service in the fields of Computer Graphics, Rendering, Animation and 3 dimensional Modelling, Computer Aided Design and Engineering for microcomputer systems.

Work has included;

Creation of an Extrusion program for the IronCAD solid modeller. This program was intended to take 2D section profiles and automatically create 3D solids from them. Although initially developed to support the Maytec range of aluminium extrusions, the program is able to handle any 2D profile.

Design and development of a 3D optical scanner. This development work is continuing.

Development of an automated Vehicle Test System, initially intended for the testing and training of Motorcycle Riders. This development work is continuing, and includes the hardware and software development, and the integration of all aspects of the system.

Creation of 3D computer models of several metal sculptures of various sizes. These models were intended to display the Sculptor's intentions and also to act as an intitial design tool for later material fabrication.

Creation of a 3D computer animation of an accident between a truck and a wheat train in Southern New South Wales. This animation was intended to show the sight lines between the two vehicles as they approached each other. This task also involved live, on-site testing carried out between a truck and train in order to verify the results predicted by the animation.

Development of a parametric CAD program in support of the Spencer Street Station redevelopment in Melbourne. This program was produced to automatically generate the Detail Design drawings for every roof panel in the structure (about 7500 panels in total). Each panel was triangular in shape but no two panels were exactly the same. The final program was able to generate the fully dimensioned Detail Drawings for each panel automatically, in under two hours. Subsequently an additional program was produced to extract and process purlin and girt data for this project.

Creation of a 3D computer animation showing an incident between a motorcycle and truck in New South Wales. This animation was intended to show the sight lines between the two vehicles as they approached each other.

Preparation of a number of 3D graphic images in support of a report investigating the Waterfall Train Accident in New South Wales. This work was performed for DVExperts Pty Ltd.

Preparation of a 3D computer animation showing a head-on collision between two cars. This animation was subsequently presented in New South Wales District Court where Mr McIver was required to attend as an Expert Witness.

Creation of a computer program for ACT3Animation Pty Ltd to manage and transfer large numbers of rendered animation frames between directories on a computer network. This program was required to run unattended and transfer files between multiple directories.

Several programs were developed in support of the operation of a Farley Wizard Plasma Cutter.

The rendering and animation of several 3D computer models of irrigation gates was undertaken for a client. This resulted in a CD ROM containing over 8 minutes of full frame, full motion computer animation. The animation was developed for continuous presentation during a Trade Show.

The creation of a real-time 3D vehicle motion path viewer program was undertaken for a European racing team. The program was developed to display real time data logger information, recorded from on-board racing car instrumentation. This work was a commercial extension of our previous work on real time replay of mtion path data.

Creation of a program to interface with a GPS (Global Positioning System) Receiver, to download and record positional data. This work is continuing and is expected to expand to applications involving Differential GPS, for producing precise records of 3D position and subsequent analysis of the recorded information. This work has extended to the development of a micro-processor system for managing and processing vehicle position data.

Creation of a real-time 3D vehicle motion path viewer program was undertaken which resulted in several custom programs for various applications being produced. Single and two car replay programs were produced for car accident analysis. A basic program to display data logger information recorded from on-board racing car instrumentation was also created.

Several tasks were undertaken related to Forensic Animation and analysis of motor vehicle accidents. These included the live testing of the braking performance of a car, involving the use of accelerometer test equipment. This data was subsequently analysed and documented in support of a particular accident case. A 3D model of the car involved in the accident was created, and associated vehicle motion paths calculated. Motion paths for an accident between a car and bicycle were calculated under instruction from the client. Analysis of several video recordings of an accident at a Drag Racing event and subsequent motion path analysis were undertaken.

Technical computer programming for Applied Precision Systems. This work was commenced in July 1997 and continued through to August 2001. This work primarily involved writing new control software for the servos systems used in Back Gauge units for both Brake Presses and Folders. The control software ran on industrial computers, utilising a touch-screen display. Other related work included the creation of a driver program for a large Plasma Cutter, rewriting the control software for an embedded controller and the regular tuning of servo system control loops. Several other technical computer programming tasks were undertaken.

He was engaged to produce a promotional animation for a new domestic hot water system, for AOS Pty Ltd.

Involvement as a Technical Consultant for ACT III in the development of a data glove, intended as a data input device for a Cyber-Puppetry application. This project resulted in the design of a workable data glove and support software. A company, 3 STRINGS Pty Ltd, was then created to commercialise and sell the product. As a share holder in 3 STRINGS he was nominated to the Board of 3 STRINGS for approximately 12 months, covering the period 1999-2000. This product is currently sold commercially as the DidjiGlove.

He created a computer program for Zephyr, a video production company, in support of a television advertisement for Hyundai cars. This program was created to extract and process motion control camera data files in order that a live camera motion could be exactly matched to the camera motion prepared in a 3D animated scene.

The creation of two animations for Carlton and United Breweries was undertaken, to display the features and layout of new Brewery facilities, for internal company verification and promotion. This work was based around 3D models created by CUB. Some additional work was undertaken involving the provision of training and technical advice on producing such animations entirely within the company.

An animation was produced for GHD Pty Ltd, as part of a formal quotation for an engineering project to remodel the Muara Naval Base. This project was based around 3D models supplied by the client, and associated companies, though these needed substantial reworking.

He was engaged to create several animations for Novatec Design, an architectural firm specialising in interior design and office fitouts. These were based around 3D models supplied by the client, intended to show new customers the key design features for office fitout proposals.

A large number of 3D house models were created for Built Images, as part of a larger project for Building Victoria. These 3D models were of a number of standard building layouts, the 3D models being created from 2D layout drawings supplied by Built Images.

Schiavello Commercial Interiors engaged him to produce several parametric Autolisp functions to automate the creation of 3D office workstations. These required the 3D models to conform to the particular design features of their office workstations, and also be able to perform a bill-of-material extraction.

Work for Design Auto & Development in early 2000 involved the 3D modelling and production of 2D fabrication drawings for a 7 metre plate aluminium boat, and the creation of a computer program to automate the data collection from a small engine dynamometer. The boat design work is continuing. A task to perform some preliminary design work on car suspension geometry and operation was also undertaken prior to this, as was a related project involving a body styling exercise for a Clubman type sports car.

The creation of 3D models, and subsequent rendering of promotional and design verification images was undertaken for Thycon Pty Ltd, initially for a large frequency converter unit for the Royal Australian Navy. This was followed by the production of images of a new office foyer, and a transformer enclosure, for inclusion in a quotation. A boat design project was then undertaken, to digitise an existing design for a 5.0 metre rowing scull, revise and improve the design and fabricate a new boat. This work is continuing and has progressed to the stage of boat fabrication.

The creation of a number of 3 dimensional computer models was undertaken for ACT III, a video production company, for use in television advertisments and station promotions. These models were typically produced in AutoCAD and then supplied to ACT III for subsequent rendering and animation.

Appointment as Multimedia Editor for MultiCAD Magazine on its commencement in early 1993, and now acting in the role of Contributing Editor. This association is continuing, and requires preparation of reviews and articles on a variety of CAD and Multimedia subjects. The articles produced to date are listed at the end of this resume. This involvement has also resulted in the publishing of two books, "Introduction to 3D Studio" and "Introduction to POCO", sold through MultiCAD Magazine. Training courses based around these books have also been presented on behalf of MultiCAD Magazine.

Creation of 3 dimensional computer models and rendered animations of new playground designs for AUSPLAY. These animations were used for visual display and colour analysis, and to show new designs to potential clients in a convenient manner. Animations were produced of the new designs, both alone, and in correct alignment with client buildings. A library of several hundred 3D models of various standard playground components were eventually produced for this client.

Creation of static rendered images and animations in support of the design of BILLANOOK VCE COLLEGE. This work was performed for HAL CUTTING ARCHITECTURE, using AutoCAD computer models provided by them. Static images were output to colour hardcopy (dye sublimation) prints, while animations were output to domestic VHS videotape.

Rendering of computer graphic images of service station and convenience store buildings for BP Australia Limited. This work was performed using RenderMan PhotoRealistic rendering software, in conjunction with 3 dimensional AutoCAD models of the structures. The 3D models were produced from 2D design drawings provided by BP. The work was performed in support of a re-imaging project being undertaken by BP Australia Limited.

Development of software for the computerised design of portal frame sheds, as a sub-contractor to ASSCO (Vic) Pty Ltd, for Thornton Engineering of Penshurst, Victoria. This task involved the development of programs, in conjunction with AutoCAD and SYNTHESIS applications software, to generate bill-of-materials and cost quotations for each shed. Automated generation and output of steel detail drawings for the sheds was also provided.

Employment as a consultant in the area of PC CAD for Hitech Design Pty Ltd from June, 1987 to December, 1989. The consulting comprised technical support for AutoCAD on both PC's and UNIX-based SUN engineering workstations. Demonstration of AutoCAD to potential customers and preparation of quotations for complete AutoCAD systems was also involved. Some elementary AutoCAD training to small groups of people, and training in the AutoLISP macro programming language was undertaken. Technical programming in Fortran, C and LISP were performed in support of applications software development. Hardware support functions were also performed as required.

Employment as a sub-contractor to Technology Australia, who were engaged to perform  tender evaluation for the Engineering Development Establishment's (EDE) planned computer installation. His involvement was as a specialist, evaluating the CAD/CAM components of the competing tenders.

Consultancy as a Performance Analyst by Hawker de Havilland, Limited to perform a preliminary performance assessment of the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft carrying ASTER weapons racks. This work commenced in February, 1987, resulting in the production of a technical report in April, 1987. Additional work was then undertaken in analysing wind tunnel test data for the ASTER rack, also being documented in the form of a technical report. Additional performance analyses were prepared in support of this project, up until mid-1989.

Employment as a consultant in the area of PC CAD for The No.1 CAD Company, from October, 1986 to May 1987. The consulting comprised technical support for AutoCAD software and computer hardware, and evaluation of a number of other CAD software packages. Considerable technical programming in Fortran and AutoLISP was also undertaken during this tenure.

Demonstration and training of VersaCAD PC CAD software was undertaken for Resolution Pty Ltd from February to June, 1988.

Demonstration and training of 3D-GRAPHIXX PC CAD software was undertaken for Bayside Computer Systems until that company was sold in early 1988. Provision of technical support for the product to Humes Plastics continued beyond this date.

A number of other consulting and programming tasks have been completed for the following companies, to the present time;

  BP Australia Limited
  Spectra Lighting Pty Ltd
  Meinhardt (Victoria) Pty Ltd
  Directaire Ventilating (A/sia) Pty Ltd.
  Sound Attenuators Australia
  ICI Australia Operations Pty Ltd,
  Becfab Equipment Pty Ltd
  State Electricity Commission of Victoria


Systems Analyst

Responsible to the Manager, Information Systems, for the support of the FLUOR CAD system, comprising over 20 microcomputers running the AutoCAD software package. At the time, this system was generally considered to be the largest AutoCAD-based system in Australia.

Responsible for the installation and interfacing of CAD microcomputer hardware, software and peripherals.


CAD/CAM Analyst

Responsible to the CAD/CAM Manager, providing system administration and technical support to a large CAD network comprising 15 PRIME computers driving 26 design stations. At the time, this was the largest CAD system in Australia.

Responsible for the software installation of new computers being introduced to the network, and support of system plotting hardware and software.

Responsible for various items of engineering applications programming.


Experimental Officer (Class 1)

Responsible to the Principal Research Scientist, Combat Effectiveness Group, for the analysis of aircraft flight trials data, computer simulation and estimation of aircraft performance, management and programming of a minicomputer system and associated intelligent graphics terminal.

This position required that studies and investigations be undertaken relating to the flight performance and air combat effectiveness of aircraft and weapon systems, using digital computational methods.

Additionally, flight as an experimental observer, and analysis of flight test and other experimental data was required and undertaken.


He has produced a number of software packages which are currently being sold commercially in Australia and overseas. These include,

ANALYSE  A program to calculate motion paths for analysis of vehicle performance. This program will also produce motion paths for rendering and animation of 3D models of vehicles.

MicroBEND Control programs to drive servo Back Gauges on Brake Presses and
MicroFOLDER Folder units. These programs are owned and sold by Applied Precision Systems.

3D*HOUSE  An AutoCAD application for rapidly drawing 3 dimensional house models suitable for rendering and animation.

FILMPAK  A suite of programs to permit AutoCAD and AutoSHADE data to be output to high resolution film recorders, or  PostScript devices.

G2S  A utility program to permit GIF format raster image files to be output to high resolution film recorders.

SUN2S  A utility program to permit SUN 'RAS' format raster image files to be output to high resolution film recorders.

MPLOT  A utility program to minimise the paper use of Hewlett-Packard electrostatic plotters when plotting AutoCAD files.

HPLOT  A utility program to convert Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (HP-GL) plot files to AutoCAD Data Exchange Format (DXF) for insertion into AutoCAD.


The following books have been produced, either alone or in conjunction with other authors.

Linking AutoCAD to 3D Studio R2 for Architecture
Linking AutoCAD to 3D Studio R3 for Architecture
  by Michel Bousquet, John McIver, Daniel Douglas
  Autodesk Press

Introduction to 3D Studio
  by John McIver
  MultiCAD Magazine

Introduction to POCO
  by John McIver
  MultiCAD Magazine


The following articles have been produced and are provided in digital format, available on this web site.

Saab JA-37 Viggen Aircraft Performance Assessment (376 kb download, in Adobe Acrobat 6.0 format)
Cessna 172 Aircraft Performance Assessment (30 kb download, in Adobe Acrobat 4.0 format)
Motion Path Data Format Specification (15 kb download, in Adobe Acrobat 4.0 format)


Presentation of three 4 hour seminars, on the subject of AutoCAD Paperspace and Modelspace, were undertaken for DESIGN CAD PTY LTD. These presentations were held in Adelaide during March, 1993.

Presentation of several seminars on the subject of Autocad 3D Surface Modelling in Melbourne and Adelaide for several clients.

Presentation of an introductory course for 3D Studio in Brisbane for MultiCAD Magazine. This presentation was held in November, 1993.

A number of articles and reviews have been written for MultiCAD, MOZ (Multimedia Oz), CAD User Australia and other magazines since 1987. A list of these articles follows.


Visual Basic for Applications in IntelliCAD (#1 in a series)
Visual Basic for Applications in IntelliCAD (#2 in a series)
Visual Basic for Applications in IntelliCAD (#3 in a series)
Matrox G-550 Graphics Card - Review
Solid Thinking - Review
FireGL 3 Graphics Card - Review
TrueSpace 5.0 - Review
AutoVue Solid CAD Viewer - Review
AutoSolid - Review
Media Studio Pro - Review

MOZ (Multimedia OZ) ARTICLES

Issue 1 May 1996

Editorial in the First Issue.
Review of Trispectives Professional.
Review of SOFT F/X 3D modelling and rendering software.

Issue 2 1996

Review of 3D Studio MAX software.
Review of the Wacom Artpad digitiser tablet.

Issue 3 1996

Article describing MPEG conversion software.
Review of Fractal Design Poser.
Article describing 3D Studio material conversion techniques.

Issue 4 1997

Review of 4D Paint 3D painting software.
Review of the Wacom ARTZ II digitiser tablet.

Issue 5 1997

Article describing the building of an Internet Web Page.

Issue 6 1997

Review of 3D Studio MAX 2.0.
Review of Ulead Media Studio Pro 5.0 Video Editing software.
Article describing the lense geometry of a camera.
Review of CorelCAD Modeller software.


April 1999

Review of UGS Solid Edge Version 6.0 solid modelling software.

March 1999

Review of IronCAD Version 1.4 3D solid modelling software.

May 1998

Review of AutoSketch Version 5.0 software.

March 1998

Review of the ScanXpress Optical 3D Scanning System.
Article describing a practical application of the ScanXpress system.

February 1993

Article describing macro programming within Animator Pro.


Review and user profile of AutoSolids software for "a" magazine in the US (September/October 2001).

A review of Caligari TrueSpace 1.0 software was provided to DESKTOP and ran in their May, 1995 edition..

A review of Micrografx Designer 4.1 TE image editing software was provided to DESKTOP and ran in their January, 1995 edition.

A description of 3D modelling, intended for users of 2D image editing programs, was provided to DESKTOP and ran in their June, 1994 edition.

A review of 3D-STUDIO software was provided to TECHNICAL COMPUTING (The ACADS Journal) and ran in their March, 1993 edition (issue 76).

A review of AutoCAD rendering packages was provided to TECHNICAL COMPUTING (The ACADS Journal) and ran in their July, 1992 edition (issue 73).

An article, Programming in ANIMATOR-PRO, was provided to CAD USER AUSTRALIA magazine and ran in their February, 1993 edition.

A computer model was created, and a rendered image produced, for CAD USER AUSTRALIA magazine, for the cover of their December, 1992 edition.

A review of ANIMATOR-PRO software was  provided to CAD USER AUSTRALIA magazine and ran in their October, 1991 edition.

A review of ANIMATOR-PRO software was provided to YOUR COMPUTER magazine, and ran in their September, 1991 edition.

A review of the SYNTHESIS Parametric Design Package was requested and provided to PC WEEK magazine of the 15th of December, 1988.

An article, "Hardware Tuning with AutoCAD", appeared in the ACADS Microgram of October, 1987.

Several reports were produced for Hawker de Havilland, Limited documenting consulting work performed for them.

A number of classified publications were produced during his time at Aeronautical Research Laboratories.



Review of AutoTrack 5.0 Vehicle Swept Path Design Software.

July 2003

Review of Autodesk Inventor 6 3D Mecahnical Design Software.

June 2003

Article on how to choose a graphics card for CAD applications
Review of Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7.0 Video Editing Software.

May 2003

Article describing the latest changes in IronCAD 6.0 Mechanical Design Software.

April 2003

Review of Xenon Nitro E1 Engineering Workstation.

November 2002

Review of the Xerox 8850 Large Format, High Speed Printer.

August 2002

Review of Solid Concept 3D Solid Modelling Software.
Review of Xenon Radon 500 Engineering Workstation.

May 2002

Review of the IronCAD Innvation Suite (IronCAD, Inovate, TeamVault).

April 2002

Review of ATI FireGL 4 Graphics Accelerator.

October 2001

Review of Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 6 software.

September 2001

Review of TrueSapce 5.1 rendering/animation software.
Article on constructing a 3D computer model of a Ford falcon (including cover photo).

March 2001

Review of Ashlar Vellum 3D 99 software.

February 2001

Review of Xenon Nitro 600 Pentium-4 Workstation and FireGL/2 Graphics Card.
Review of MapScenes Forensic CAD software.

December 2000

Review of Ashlar Vellum Solids 2000 software.
Review of Autodesk 3D Studio VIZ 3.0i software.

October 2000

Article on Computer Simulation and Mathematical Modelling.

June 2000

Review of Autodesk Inventor 2 Solid Modeller software.

April 2000

Article on the Jordan Grand Prix racing team at the Australian Grand Prix.

February 2000

Review of the ATOS 3D Optical Scanner.

November 1999

Review of Mockup 3D Visualisation software at the RMIT Virtual Reality Centre.
Review of 3D Studio MAX 3.0 software.
Review of Nugraf 2.2 File Conversion Software.

October 1999

Review of Metacreations CANOMA 3D image reconstruction software.

August 1999

Review of the Xenon Nitro 1000 Visual Workstation.
Review of Myriad 4.0 Document Viewer software.

November 1998

Review of Ulead Cool 3D Version 2.0 software.

September 1998

Review of 3D Studio VIZ 2.0 software.

August 1998

Review of Turbocad 3D Modeller and Solid Modeller software.

July 1998

Review of Ulead Photo Impact 4, Web Razor and Cool 3D software.

April 1998

Article introducing VBA in AutoCAD Release 14 (Part 2).

March 1998

Review of Lightscape radiosity rendering software.
Review of Video Sphinx Pro real-time video capture hardware.
Article introducing VBA in AutoCAD Release 14 (Part 1).

October 1997

Review of CD Burner hardware and software.

September 1997

Review of 3D Studio VIZ 1.0 software.

April 1997

Review of 2D and 3D aerodynamic analysis programs.
Article describing how to prepare CAD files for rendering and animation.

December 1996

Review of the Microscribe 3D Digitising Arm.

November 1996

Review of the FARO 3D Digitising Arm.
Comparison between Autolisp and Felixcad Lisp implementations.

October 1996

Article on the technology of laser stereolithography.
Article on using an external camera path for animation.

February 1996

Review of Animation Master 3 character animation software.

December 1995

Review of Caligari Truespace 2.0 modelling software.

November 1995

Review of Asymetrix Digital Video Producer software.
Review of the AMAPI 3D modeller plug-in for 3D Studio.

October 1995

Review of AMAPI 3D modelling software.
Review of Autodesk Animator Studio.

September 1995

Review of Designcad 3D CAD software.

August 1995

Review of the MakeMPEG 3D Studio Add-on application.

July 1995

Article describing the use of Dynamic Designer motion simulation software in the    design of a car suspension.
Review of Asymetrix 3D F/X text rendering and animation software.

May 1995

Review of Vignette 1.0 real time rendering software.

April 1995

Article describing the requirements for digital video on a PC.
Review of the MiroVideo DC1 digital video I/O card.
Review of the Personal Animation Recorder digital video I/O card.

February 1995

Review of AccuRender 2.0 rendering software.
Article describing a simple way to import raster data into AutoCAD.

January 1995

Review of 3D Studio Release 4 software.
Article describing the use of the Convolution Matrix.

December 1994

Article describing the features and application of Kodak's Photo-CD.

November 1994

Review of Micrografx Picture Publisher 5.0 image editing software.

October 1994

Review of 3D Design Plus 2.0 3D modelling software.
Review of RenderPrint colour hardcopy output software.

September 1994

Review of Caligari Truespace 3D modelling and rendering software.
Review of 2D image morphing programs.

August 1994

Review of several special effects plug-ins for 3D Studio.
Article describing the features of video output cards.

July 1994

Review of Q*Media multimedia presentation software.

June 1994

Review of Visual Reality 3D modelling and rendering software.

May 1994

Review of a 3D Studio add-on for character speech implementation.

April 1994

Review of AccuRender 1.0 rendering software.
Article comparing results obtained from several rendering programs.
Review of 2D image morphing programs.

March 1994

Article on producing ray traced shadows of trees in 3D Studio.

February 1994

Review of the Canon BJC-600 colour bubblejet printer.
Review of Autodesk AutoVision rendering software.
Review of Sun positioning software for 3D Studio.

January 1994

Review of fractal tree creation routines for 3D Studio.

December 1993

Review of Pixar Typestry 3D text rendering software.
Review of FPLOT plotter emulation software.
Article describing how to buy a CAD computer.

October 1993

Review of MacroModel Version 1.5 3D modelling software.
Review of IMAGE Q presentation software.
Review of Strata Vision 3D modelling software.
Review of the Captivator motion video capture card.
Article describing the theory of Gamma Correction.

September 1993

Article describing the creation and rendering of a 3D model of the MultiCAD logo.
Article describing a macro function to output PostScript files from Animator-Pro.

August 1993

Review of Playmation animation software.
Review of the SPEA Fire high performance graphics card.

July 1993

Review of 3D Workshop animation software.
Article describing the creation of a 3D model of a new children's playground design.
Article on macro programming in Animator-Pro.

June 1993

Review of the MEDIASPACE digital video capture/replay board.
Review of Animator-Pro Version 1.3 software.
Article on 3D morphing and the programs to do it.
Article on macro programming in Animator-Pro.

May 1993

Review of the Genoa VGA2TV-PRO video output expansion card.
Review of INSTANT ARTIST presentation software.
Article describing the creation of a 3D model of a 2-storey house.

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